5 Halloween-inspired ways to [pumpkin] spice up your content

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Content, Tips from our team

Ahh, it’s spooky season. Witches, goblins, pumpkins, and our favorite, resurrected content. No, we’re not suggesting you turn your blog into a zombie, but if your website or social media channels are feeling a bit like a ghost town, we have a few ideas to jazz up your marketing content.

Depending on who you ask at Content Matterz, fall is our favorite time of year — especially when we start dreaming about turkey dinners. The Halloween season is the perfect excuse to dust off the cobwebs on some of your older content and sprinkle in new magic.

It’s not a trick, you’re in for a treat; check out our favorite ways to make your marketing content sweet.

1. Use an old eBook to Frankenstein a new marketing campaign

Do you know what’s great about eBooks? Not only are these marketing pieces typically chock-full of evergreen content, but a lot of the time, each section can be transformed into its very own blog post!

Even if you did a previous series, you can turn your same old content into fresh inspiration. Revamp(ire) your landing page, draft some new blog articles and corresponding social media posts, and set up your eBook as a new lead magnet. It lives!

2. Cast an animation spell on your static graphics

At Content Matterz, if there is something we love in any season, it’s marketing animations. These days, it’s easier than ever to inject a little motion into your still images. Whether you’re considering reviving an old graphic or brewing up a new eye-catching campaign, animation helps grab your viewer’s attention and works quite well on mediums like social media or email.

3. Do something you’ve been scared of

Most marketers have at least one thing we’re intimidated by: leading a presentation, trying a new tactic we’ve never used before, or eep, asking a client to do an interview for a case study. Whatever it is, use Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a superhero and attempt that marketing project you’ve been afraid to try!

4. Invite the (AI) robots to your Halloween party

For marketers, the hottest costume this year is definitely going to be AI. If you’re peering into Q4 and unsure how to wrap up the year with your content, use one of the many AI tools available to brainstorm new topics, plan your campaign, and get cracklin’. But don’t set yourself up for a witch’s hex: make sure your AI usage aligns with your AI policy!

5. Dust off old project skeletons

If you’re like our team, you probably have dozens of miscellaneous documents floating around on your drive or in your archives. Whether it’s an abandoned whitepaper campaign, an idea for an infographic, a collection of phrases you’d like to use in content, or anything else, sometimes your next great idea is one you’ve already had! Go for a little dig and see what brilliant things you’ve already started, and maybe now will be their time to rise.

Get content help from an agency that won’t ghost you

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes, you just can’t quite conjure it up. You can, however, summon a whole team of content wizards to help with your content marketing needs, however spooky they seem. Reach out today!