AI Policy

Last updated: March 30, 2023

The growth and development of content-related Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are happening at an increasingly fast pace. As a content marketing agency, it is important that Content Matterz not only stay educated on the latest tools but know which tools are best to use to augment our services.

When it comes to using AI tools, Content Matterz has a clear and transparent policy, outlined below, on the use of AI in our work.


Our core AI principles

Our policy includes our core AI Principles (originally created by the Marketing AI Institute for businesses like ours to use):

  1. We believe in the responsible design, development, deployment and operation of AI technologies.
  2. We believe in a human-centered approach to AI that empowers and augments professionals. AI technologies should be assistive, not autonomous.
  3. We believe that humans remain accountable for all decisions and actions, even when assisted by AI. The human must remain in the loop in all AI applications.
  4. We believe in the critical role of human knowledge, experience, emotion, and imagination in creativity, and we seek to explore and promote emerging career paths and opportunities for creative professionals.
  5. We believe in the power of language, images and videos to educate, influence, and affect change. We commit to never knowingly using generative AI technology to deceive; to produce content for the sole benefit of financial gain; or to spread falsehoods, misinformation, disinformation, or propaganda.
  6. We believe in understanding the limitations and dangers of AI and considering those factors in all of our decisions and actions.
  7. We believe that transparency in data collection and AI usage is essential in order to maintain the trust of our audiences and stakeholders.
  8. We believe in personalization without invasion of privacy, including strict adherence to data privacy laws, mitigation of privacy risks for consumers, and following our moral compass when legal precedent lags behind AI innovation.
  9. We believe in intelligent automation without dehumanization, and the potential of AI to have profound benefits for humanity and society.
  10. We believe in an open approach to sharing our AI research, knowledge, ideas, experiences, and processes in order to advance the industry and society.
  11. We believe in the importance of upskilling and reskilling professionals, and using AI to build more fulfilling careers and lives.
  12. We believe in partnering with organizations and people who share our principles.
    Data privacy and transparency

Compliance is our top priority, and we will follow all applicable data protection laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

When using AI tools for the majority of the creation of the product or service, we will be transparent to our clients about where we are using AI and what tools we are using. The Content Matterz contact will outline how we are using the AI tool, our human oversight process, and what to expect with the end product before work begins.


Human oversight is key to success

When using AI tools, Content Matterz will ensure that humans are involved every step of the way. This means we will have a human review and edit the final product when AI tools are used. Bottom line: No product that uses AI will go to a client without first being reviewed by a human.

With human oversight, we will continuously consider the ethical implications of AI in our content marketing processes. We will ensure that the use of AI is aligned with our values and goals as an organization. We will ensure, to the best of our ability, that any AI-powered tools and platforms are used in a way that is fair and unbiased.


Training and education

When using AI tools, we will ensure that employees are trained and educated on the ethical and responsible use of AI in content marketing. This includes training on privacy, bias, transparency, and human oversight.

Content Matterz will continually vet available AI tools to ensure we are using the best products and services for our organization and our client’s needs. Employees only use the tools that are approved by our organization to keep our work consistent and high quality.

A list of AI tools Content Matterz uses is available upon request.


How we currently use AI

While we are constantly experimenting with AI technologies to drive efficiency and performance across all business functions, our primary use cases today are in the generative AI space for marketing.

Content Matterz employees may use AI tools to assist in idea generation, transcription, video editing or content outlining. In these cases, the use of the AI tool is entirely human-led and is used as an augmentation to the work. When an AI tool is used to compose a majority of the work, the product will be priced accordingly, the client will be made aware of the use of this tool and the product will be priced accordingly as agreed upon between the client and the Content Matterz. The use of AI tool and the process for human oversight and review is also communicated to each client.

By following these policies, Content Matterz aims to leverage AI to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our content marketing efforts while ensuring we operate in an ethical and responsible manner.