HubSpot ups its game with four new generative AI tools

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Automation, Content, Software, Trends

Using AI in your marketing doesn’t mean you need to fill your toolbox full of new platforms and programs. Many of the tools you already use are working on integrating this technology into their current offerings, including the popular go-to-market platform HubSpot. 

During their annual conference, INBOUND 2023, HubSpot announced exciting new AI tools that will be part of their platform to support users in marketing, content writing, chat, sales and analytics. 

Let’s explore the why behind the creation of these new tools, what generative AI is now available to HubSpot customers, and how to get your hands on this tech goodness.


A transformative shift requires transformational software

AI isn’t new, but it sure came to the forefront this past year. Essentially, everything in how marketers go about their jobs and how consumers want to be marketed and sold to has changed. It’s a shift that cannot be ignored, and HubSpot dove in head first:

“We are experiencing a transformative shift with generative AI. Customer expectations are changing, and businesses now have the opportunity to leverage AI to drive customer connection at scale. HubSpot has been thinking deeply about these changes and iterating quickly to help our customers thrive in the age of intelligence…” Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot

HubSpot is not only addressing the AI shift but also acknowledging the thought and intention that has been put into each of its new offerings. They didn’t rush to put out a product to beat the competition or simply have something AI in the market. Instead, they took time to determine the best types of AI tools they could offer their customers that are both helpful and will have a lasting impact.


AI served up four ways

For HubSpot, AI is more than generating copious amounts of content; it’s about creating the right types of connections to help customers grow their businesses. Through their research, HubSpost has found on average, companies that connected with customers throughout their buying journey grew 19 percentage points more than those that did not — the customer journey is even more important than ever.

To aid their customers in developing stronger client and prospect relationships through creating “value over volume” and “effectiveness over efficiency,” HubSpot unveiled four different AI programs across their software platform:

  1. AI Assistants. These robotic assistants use generative AI to help teams with everything from making images and reporting to various content creations, such as generating blog ideas and building websites. What’s even more valuable is that AI Assistants can adjust the tone to fit the audience, helping users connect more with their clients and prospects. Requests are done within seconds, allowing users to focus on bigger projects and tasks.
      • Use case: Landing pages are a staple for many marketing campaigns, but they take time. Not anymore: HubSpot users can take advantage of AI Assistants to create a landing page within minutes. A marketer uses the prompts to direct the AI-created content, and with a push of a button, the landing page is not only written but laid out in the template. Need images for that page? AI Assistants can help with that, too. And while you may want to add a few personal flairs to the page, that to-do is off your list in no time flat.
  2. AI Agents: While this customer service tool focuses more on SMBs, its main goal is to help businesses grow relationships via automated live chat and email. Note: this offering is set to launch in early 2024.
      • Use case: For small businesses (and even larger corporations that experience large volumes of incoming requests and inquiries), AI Agents are designed to help by answering chat and email queries, taking a load off an already overwhelmed team.
  3. AI Insights: Nobody can truly predict the future, but HubSpot is trying with predictive AI. Analytics are an essential part of any marketing strategy, but pulling together all the right and useful data can be time-consuming, not to mention subject to human error. This tool helps companies craft more sustainable strategies by offering upleveled analysis, forecasting and recommendations.
      • Use case: Sales teams can use the predictive analytics power of AI Insights to pull past and current sales data to predict future sales volume. Marketing teams can use the analytics to shape future campaigns and increase interaction with prospects and clients.
  4. ChatSpot: And what is AI without a little ChatGPT? ChatSpot combines forces with the well-known AI powerhouse to give their customers access to some pretty incredible generative AI. ChatSpot is currently still in beta testing, but since launching in March 2023, it already has some powerful usage stats: 80,000 total users with 20,000 prompts created.
      • Use case: Think of ChatSpot as your personal assistant. Similar to ChatGPT, use this tool for everything from writing sales sequences to creating your next lead generation campaign. Simply ask the question and get the answer.

Feeling curious about the HubSpot roadmap? They’ve put it out to the public so everyone can learn more about their philosophy and new product offerings. 

Whether a business is looking to use all or just one of these new AI offerings from Hubspot, they will not be disappointed. HubSpot does stress that creating a true customer connection requires a mix of both AI and personal elements, and your entire organization should be working together towards this common goal.

Each AI tool was developed intentionally to help customers reach their goals and create those more meaningful connections; no shallow promises or glitz, it’s all about real results.

Members-only jackets required

The new HubSpot generative AI tools are quite tempting to want to use, well, because they are pretty awesome. But there is a catch — to take advantage of all of these goodies, you need to be a Hubspot customer. The good news is HubSpot offers pricing and packages for all business levels and needs, and overall, it’s a pretty useful and powerful go-to-market tool. So why not check it out and tap into the future of marketing AI?

Interest piqued? As a HubSpot Gold Partner, the team at Content Matterz is fully versed in all things HubSpot. Reach out to us today to learn how you can take advantage of these new AI offerings and a terrific go-to-market platform.