Fun with marketing: Our agency’s favorite HubSpot capabilities

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Automation, Campaigns, Software

You can’t go anywhere in marketing without running into something about HubSpot capabilities, the one-stop-shop that connects marketing, sales, content management and customer service through its CRM platform — and with good reason.

As a content marketing agency, we know just how helpful it is to have everything we need in one place, but what’s even higher on the awesome list is all the ways HubSpot helps our team get so much more out of our all our hard work.

Today, we’re sharing the top reasons we love HubSpot. Read on!

Why our content marketing agency loves HubSpot

As marketers, you not only ask a lot of your content, but you’re also asked a bit about it, especially if you need to justify your budget or explain how it performed to folks outside of marketing. With HubSpot, it’s easier than ever to measure results, share insights and do more with all your marketing projects — our favorite HubSpot capabilities are too good not to share.

HubSpot lets you repurpose content like a pro

At Content Matterz, we are all about breathing new life into old content (in any season), and HubSpot offers a range of tools and features that can help you efficiently repurpose content.

For starters, how nice is it to have one spot to centralize and organize ALL OF your marketing assets, so it’s that much simpler to identify existing content for repurposing? In HubSpot, you can seamlessly edit, update and republish everything from blog posts to landing pages — and more. Or, use HubSpot’s content optimization tools to identify high-performing content and topics so you know you’re putting your time to the highest and best use.

And where would we be if we didn’t mention HubSpot’s social media and email marketing features? You can schedule and automate the distribution of repurposed content across various channels and use the email marketing feature to create newsletters and email campaigns that repurpose blog content, guides and other assets for content that remains relevant and continually engages your target audience.

Busy marketers save time by automating workflows

With HubSpot, you can create automated workflows that streamline various marketing processes and nurture leads throughout the customer journey in just a snap. Our team follows the steps below:

  1. Define your workflow goals. Start by outlining the specific goals of your automated workflow. Are you aiming to nurture leads, onboard new customers, or re-engage with existing clients?
  2. Segment your audience. Use HubSpot’s robust CRM and contact database to segment your audience based on criteria like behavior, demographics and engagement level.
  3. Choose trigger events. Identify trigger events that will initiate the workflow, such as actions including form submissions, email opens, website visits or specific date-based events.
  4. Set workflow actions. Define the steps that should occur once a contact meets the trigger conditions. HubSpot offers a wide range, such as sending emails, updating contact properties, assigning tasks to team members and enrolling contacts in other workflows.
  5. Personalize your content. Utilize personalization tokens and dynamic content to tailor messages to individual contacts within the workflow.
  6. Test and optimize. Continuously monitor and optimize your workflows by A/B testing various elements such as email subject lines, content and timing.
  7. Review and check compliance. Ensure your workflows comply with relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.
  8. Launch and monitor. Once your workflow is set up, launch and closely monitor its performance. With HubSpot’s real-time tracking and reporting, you can assess the success of your automated workflows and make adjustments as needed.

HubSpot’s visual workflow builder and automation features make it relatively easy to create and manage complex automated workflows that can save time, increase efficiency and enhance customer engagement throughout your marketing efforts. Woohoo!

HubSpot makes it easy to celebrate the wins!

Did you know that HubSpot offers a wide array of pre-built reports that cover essential marketing KPIs, such as website traffic, lead generation, email performance and customer engagement?

You can use these reports to track your progress and share them with stakeholders. Whether you want to create custom dashboards tailored to your specific needs or choose the most relevant metrics and data visualizations, HubSpot helps you create visually appealing, concise dashboards that convey success at a glance.

Need to get specific? HubSpot’s reporting tools give you the power to drill down into data, uncover trends, and measure the impact of marketing efforts over time. You can also schedule regular email reports or share real-time dashboards with team members or clients to keep everyone in the loop about the latest results and achievements.

Whether tracking lead conversion rates, monitoring social media engagement or assessing the ROI of marketing campaigns, HubSpot’s reporting and dashboard features make showcasing success and proving the value of marketing efforts a breeze.

Want to boost engagement? Take advantage of flexible forms

Marketers can harness the power of HubSpot’s flexible forms to enhance lead generation and user engagement. Progressively collect valuable information from leads over time to ensure each interaction provides incremental data without overwhelming users. This approach helps improve conversion rates by tailoring the form fields to the lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey and their specific interests.

HubSpot’s flexible forms can be personalized with smart content, offering a customized experience based on a lead’s previous interactions with the website or email campaigns.

Don’t forget about HubSpot’s A/B testing capabilities. Experiment with different form variations to determine which ones perform best. Optimize your forms for maximum conversions by fine-tuning form length, field requirements or design elements based on data-driven insights.

Unlock the full potential of HubSpot

When you consider a tool like HubSpot, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the nifty features and capabilities — we’ve been there. But after years of using it for our own marketing projects and helping our clients do more with theirs, we’re ready to help you tackle your most pressing marketing challenges and maximize your use of HubSpot!

Ready for a Gold-level HubSpot Solutions Partner who can make sure you’re using HubSpot to its fullest potential? Reach out today!