Eye-catching animations to use in your marketing campaigns

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Campaigns, Content, Trends

Using animation in your marketing campaigns can increase engagement and interest in your brand and message. The combination of available options can feel exciting, but also overwhelming. We’ve got your back! Check out some of our favorite types of animated graphics and learn creative ways to use them.


Marketing animation served in three ways


The first step in adding animation to your marketing campaign is determining what type you need. Here are our top three go-to animation types:

Video. Marketing videos are very near and dear to our hearts. Whether you want a 10-second shareable snippet or a 2-minute explainer, video is versatile and is a great way to share information in a memorable and compelling way. Video can be used in various points of your marketing funnel to move prospects closer to the buying stage.

GIFs. While it may be up in the air on how you say it (is it “G” like “girlfriend” or “giraffe”), these fun and entertaining animations can be found all over the internet, in email inboxes, and in text threads throughout the world. Aside from pure entertainment, GIFs can be used in marketing to capture your audience’s attention. Try using a GIF for a call-to-action, demonstrate a product or even highlight a product feature or benefit. (Check out this article all about GIFs for more information and ideas)

Lottie. This JSON-based animation allows you to create animations that are a smaller file size and can easily be used on various platforms. We have a Lottie on the home page of our website (scroll down to the “How our marketing strategies for software companies land prospects” section) to demonstrate how our services differ from your average marketing agency. These animations tend to be faster to create and easier to edit than a GIF or video, and their smaller file size allows you to use them on websites, landing pages and more without slowing down load time.


Animated graphic ideas that will spice up any marketing campaign


Video is everywhere, and we all love a good GIF; there are creative ways to use these animated graphics to add additional zing to your marketing campaign. Check these out:

  • Holiday cards: ‘Tis the season to send a little joy to your email marketing list. With a holiday-themed (but still on-brand) animation, you can wish a happy holiday while keeping your organization top of mind in a feel-good way.
  • Header images: A short video or GIF file can add a little movement to the top of a webpage, landing page or even an email. The trick is to keep it short and simple; too much design and animation can make the file big and difficult to load.
  • Digital ads: Static images are a great way to get some attention, but why not add some movement to your next round of digital ads? Video and GIF files can be used for animated digital ads across social media platforms. Just check file requirements before creating them; each platform can have slightly different needs.


According to a 2022 study by Emodo Adapt: “Creative ad units formats that were animated performed better than native ad formats, or static ads, with average time spent by 6% and brand and ad recall by 25% and 17% respectively.”


Add a little sparkle to your next marketing campaign

Ready to get moving? At Content Matterz, we love to create all types of animated content. Reach out today for a strategy session to determine which animated graphics will work best for your marketing and content needs.