Content marketing packages: The partner marketer’s new best friend

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Content, Strategy

Partner marketing requires serving up the right content marketing packages at the right time for both ‘To’ and ‘Through’ content. It is possible to scrape together various collateral for each new partner or campaign. However, that’s not necessarily the best use of time. 

Having content packages ready to go for various partnership promotions and events not only increases efficiency (think time and money) but also creates consistent messaging and branding across the board.

Tell you more? Alright!


The top two reasons to use content packages for your partner campaigns

The life of a partner marketer is busy. You are not only working with current partners but also actively recruiting new ones for your program. Maintaining relationships and ensuring partners feel supported with the right materials to promote your product or service can feel overwhelming. 

Let’s not forget, your content needs are two-fold. First, you require content that supports your recruitment efforts. And second, you want to have different (often co-branded) content that your partners can use. Imagine how much of a difference ready-to-go content packages will make in your working world.


Take advantage of efficiencies

Imagine having a bundle of content all ready to go for your next partner acquisition campaign. Or, all the materials a new partner could need, zipped up to send their way. Turn-key content containing all the supporting pieces, such as nurture emails, one-sheets, landing page content, and more, definitely saves you time. Not to mention, there is no need to create content from scratch each go around. This is what gives back money and resources for other must-haves in your marketing budget!


Increase consistency and branding

As marketers, we know that consistency and branding make a product or service memorable and trustworthy. It is worth spending time upfront creating content packages that are engaging and helpful to prospective and current partners. In our humble opinion, it’s the cherry on top. 

With content packages, you can provide ready-to-go ‘Through’ content that is mapped out to specific stages in the customer journey. This content will have all the proper branding and messaging for your product or service. And, it will help increase partner engagement and make it that much easier for them to promote the co-branded content.


What is the ideal package?

Partner marketing ‘To’ and ‘Through’ content packages need the right mix of pieces to create memorable and engaging campaigns that convert and increase retention rates. This may feel like a tall order. That’s why bringing in a content expert can alleviate the pressure of knowing how to create result-producing bundles.

At Content Matterz, we’ve supported many different Partner Marketer campaigns for multiple organizations over the years. With this knowledge and experience, we designed our content packages to resonate with partner marketers — and bring results.

To give you an idea, we’ve put together content packages for:

  • The creation and promotion of co-branded webinars: These packages include webinar slide decks, promotional materials and leave-behinds.
  • Partner acquisition campaigns: Think nurture emails, one-pagers, landing page content and more.
  • Campaign-in-a-box (for ‘through’ marketing): A full-meal deal for new partners that includes — but is not limited to — everything from an email nurture campaign, blog posts, and social media to newsletter copy.

You can view our entire collection of Partner Marketer content packages and pricing on our website.

Whether your organization is starting a partner program or you are looking for ways to increase partner engagement and retention, we have the content packages to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to get started!