3 cheers for marketing with introverts, your observation specialists

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Content, Tips from our team

One super cool thing about marketing teams is that they can be composed of diverse individuals with varying talents, perspectives and experiences. You can have a room (or Zoom) full of introverts and extroverts, all trying to collaborate and work together — no easy task. It’s no wonder that personality tests are a hit with this crowd! 

Whether you identify as being one to calmly collect your thoughts before sharing or are admittedly not afraid to say what you’re thinking on the spot, this article is for you. Today, we’re exploring how marketers can harness the power of observation — or tap into their quieter colleagues — to reimagine strategies to connect deeper with customers. 


What is observation in terms of marketing?

Observation is about absorbing all the possible information in a given scenario. It’s watching how people react and listening to what is said (and not said). Observation includes examining your audience from a neutral perspective to understand what’s important or trending for them. 

When considering customers, observing means diving into their actual day-to-day — not what you assume. You can ask questions about what they love about their job or company, what keeps them up at night, what makes their life easier, and what they wish was different or what could improve it.

On marketing teams, observation is a powerful tool to measure the consensus to create something that resonates with the whole. Trying to revamp your messaging? What do people react to, both positively or negatively? What brings energy to the room versus what is a snooze? Observation can also help fold in what’s happening outside your bubble, such as what’s trending in the industry or communication practices.


Why is observation so valuable in marketing?

As marketers, we constantly must remind ourselves that we are not the target audience. When you work with one product or service, it’s easy to lose track of what’s in the peripheral or forget that though you might be able to make someone’s life considerably easier, they don’t live and breathe what you do. Observation helps marketers take stock of all the little non-trackable data bits (like sentiment or outside factors) to create more compelling marketing.   


How to power-up your observationists

We’ve all been there: the team is excited to have a brainstorming session. Everyone’s opinion matters. But…once it begins, one or two people tend to lead the conversation while everyone else waits for their turn, which might never present itself. Or, it’s throw-the-spaghetti-at-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks, and before the contemplative individuals have their chance, everyone has moved on to the next topic.

You could be missing valuable ideas! A few ways to make these meetings more successful include:

  • Prep your introverts. By setting an agenda or sharing what topics you plan to cover with individuals who need more time to marinate can come prepared to share in the moment.
  • Pause before — and after — each topic. Let’s say you’re trying to dream up a new campaign. First, share your hopes, dreams, and goals, and then have your team write their thoughts down for a few moments. Then, ask for suggestions. Once you think you’re done with this, take a few minutes to keep thinking, and then ask if your quieter teammates have any other insights to add.
  • Brainstorm in dual sessions. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and chances are, neither will your campaign. Regardless of how your first brainstorm goes, following up a week later can give those who need to process the valuable extra time to make connections to realize those golden marketing nuggets.

Incorporating these introvert-friendly practices into your marketing and project planning is well worth the time!


Add some observational superpower to your squad

Our team at Content Matterz is the perfect combination of deep contemplators and fire-cracker “woo” leaders (according to our personality test) — and exactly what you need to tackle your next campaign. Ready to meet in a low-stakes, introvert-friendly environment? Reach out today!