Blog Packages

Provide your buyers with consistent content for their journey.

Phew! There’s something so insanely satisfying about having your blogs ready to go long before you need them. 

Do you like the idea of posting more consistently with targeted content that’s been crafted by professional writers? Or maybe you enjoy writing, but can never find the time to keep up with the amount of content you should be posting. It could be that you just don’t want to think about blogging at all! We’ve been there, and there, and yes, there too. Ordering your blog writing as a package not only gets you a discounted price, it takes the tasks of writing, editing and perfecting consistent blog posts off your busy schedule for weeks or even months to come! 

When blog posts are created well in advance of deadlines, you can rest assured that your blog will continue to grow while you tackle your higher-priority projects and tasks. That’s why our clients love handing off their blog writing to our team. Let Content Matterz take a shot at creating your posts and we’ll bet you won’t look back. 


4-Blog Package

Our 500-750-word blogs are normally priced at $500 each. Buy four and get a $300 discount.

8-Blog Package

Our 500-750-word blogs are normally priced at $500 each. Buy eight and get a $500 discount.

12-Blog Package

Our 500-750-word blogs are normally priced at $500 each. Buy twelve and get a $800 discount.

Unsure about your blog strategy or don’t have one? Add a strategy session.

Your blog can serve as a platform for thought leadership, contribute to better search engine rankings and allow you to showcase your products and services with an educational spin. Running a successful blog also takes quite a bit of effort. Why would you invest in all that work without strategizing the best ways to maximize your blog’s potential? That’s where a strategy session can help! 

Our strategists will work with you to ensure your blogs are written and organized in a way that helps meet your goals. Our CEO offers a higher level of strategy and can consult with you on how your blog should fit into your larger marketing plans and what role your blog should play in other initiatives you have planned. Book a strategy session to get more from your blog.  

Content Strategy Session

One of our talented content strategists will help you put together a comprehensive launch plan to deliver your content in the right way and at just the right time.

CEO Strategy Session

One-on-one content marketing consulting from Content Matterz’s CEO and founder, Cara McDonald.

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