Direct mail marketing strategy

There’s nothing like receiving a little something special in the mail to inspire your buyer to take notice.

B2B direct mail campaigns make a tangible impression.

If you think direct mail is old-fashioned, you should know that recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t get that same piece of content.

Avoid the inbox clutter altogether and reach your audience in a more tangible way. Direct mail is also highly effective for account-based marketing programs. We’ll help you create the optimal direct mail marketing strategy and the corresponding pieces needed to drive awareness and results.

Campaigns ideas to create an impact include:

  • Send a coffee card to webinar attendees
  • Send a video in a brochure — yes this can be done!
  • Send a thank you package after a demo
  • Send something weird to get their attention. We once sent duct tape (true story)


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