It’s all about demand. Creating it. Maintaining it. And above all growing it.

Simple in idea, enormously difficult in execution.

Whether your company is just beginning to gather momentum or you’re looking to bring the magic back, a fearless demand strategy is the key to growing revenue.


  • Getting More Customers

    If the top of your sales funnel is looking lonelier than a 6th grade dance floor, you need a lead generation strategy that brings more of your target customers to your door. We will work with you to develop a demand strategy that is right for your business and your market. Your company isn’t like any other, nor will your demand strategy.

  • Keeping More Customers

    If you’re not considering your existing customers part of your demand strategy, you’re missing half the ballgame, and arguably the most important half.

    We can help you not just bring em in, but keep em for the long term. There are no quick fixes—this is a marathon, not a sprint. And you need your customers to keep paying you for the entire race–and if you do this well, they might even buy you some drinks along the way.

  • Optimizing & Analyzing

    Good marketing is always evolving. Your customer and prospect base doesn’t stay the same, so neither can you. Reviewing, testing and optimizing are crucial to getting the most return on your marketing investment. Even so, it’s often the work that falls to the end of a busy marketer’s to-do list. We love this stuff, so let us take a look.

  • Educating and Delighting

    Today’s consumers have highly developed “marketing defense systems.” They can sniff out a marketing message from 300 paces. Good content marketing makes recipients smarter and doesn’t make them feel they are being sold. Now your prospects are your friends, and who doesn’t want to buy from a friend?

Content marketing strategy, ideas and how-to's supplied on the regular.

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  • Caroline Heckathorn, Senior Manager, Field Marketing, Concur, Inc.
    "Working with Content Matterz on our eBook project was so easy and fun. We simply pointed them in the right direction and they created a beautiful, effective piece of content that we are able to use in multiple ways for lead generation. In fact when we launched it to prospects, we saw a phenomenal response, and we finally attracted the elusive titles that mattered. We couldn't be happier and are now working with them on many more projects."
    Caroline Heckathorn, Senior Manager, Field Marketing, Concur, Inc.

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Recent Work


LexBlog campaign - 5 Reasons Lawyers Need to Blog

Speaking directly to the LexBlog value proposition, this campaign contained a webinar, eBook, Infographic, social media campaign, online PPC program and event strategy. The campaign as a whole out-performed all other previous marketing pieces 3 to 1.

Healthcare Overwhelmed to Overjoyed eBook cover_Page_01

Concur eBook - How Spend Management Can Help You Go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

When faced with the challenge of reaching elusive healthcare facility finance departments and executives, Concur needed content that is ultra relevant to the industry, enjoyable and effective. The basis of a new demand generation program, the eBook was also broken into sub-chapters and sales tools to get maximum impact. The results so far are outstanding.

  • Linda Caudle, Marketing Director, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties
    Association marketing presents a unique set of challenges, including the combination of member relations, government advocacy, event marketing and industry image. Content Matterz was instrumental in acting as an extension of the marketing team to create a content and project management strategy. They seamlessly acclimated to the team and environment and were instrumental in collaboratively executing day-to-day projects with skill, creativity, efficiency and enthusiasm.”
    Linda Caudle, Marketing Director, Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties

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